Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Registering "Gatherings" is EASY and so worthwhile!

Call me so I can explain why this is such a big deal for you... :)

I just registered more events for June.

I have already received all the coupon codes for the first five events that I have registered!

For each event you register, you will have receive "a $50 product coupon AND "5" FREE membership codes"

If you have not registered your "gathering" yet, what are you waiting for? :)

For directions on how to register your account... click on the link below:

Chuck Williams

Here is the link to share regarding the expansion in to China!

How to work your FB page (Group)

First Name, I noticed you liked our page "Weight & Wellness Solutions". Thank you. We offer a wide range of weight loss and performance products that can help you reach your wellness goals and I would be happy to discuss your goals with you more in depth. We also offer a great financial opportunity that you can take advantage of.  You can expect on-going quality information with regards to our page. Thanks for being a part of our community.  Chuck Williams (one of the Weight & Wellness Solutions partners)

Notes from Patrick Bleser
Senior Digital Account Coordinator
Facebook does not allow you to invite people to Like your page unless you are friends with them on Facebook or if they react to one of your posts. Click here to see instructions for how to invite people to like your page.

The notifications are the best way to see new people who like your page in real time. You can also click here for instructions for how to see a list of users who already like your page.

How to make Awesome Presentations (Thanks to Big Al for his newsletter)

Keith and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter here.

Pick one ...

  1. Do we make presentations to educate people?
  2. Do we make presentations to entertain people?
  3. Or, do we make presentations so that our prospects make a “yes” decision to join our business?

If you picked #3, make presentations so that our prospects make a “yes” decision to join our business, then continue reading.

⇒ Here is the tragedy.

We work hard to find a prospect. Then, we get a chance to talk to that prospect. And if our presentation does not get our prospect to make a “yes” decision, we lose all that time and effort. That is sad.

Giving an awesome, professional presentation changes all that. Prospects eagerly say, “Yes, I want to join.”

Let’s ask ourselves this question.

“Is making a great presentation a skill that can be learned?”

Of course, the answer is yes. Nobody was born with this skill. It is a learned skill, like most of the skills of our network marketing profession.

The story of two distributors.

Distributor #1 works hard to prospect and set appointments every day. When it is time to start the presentation, Distributor #1 opens with these words:

“Well, uh, let me tell you about our opportunity and how it can help you.”

The prospects roll their eyes, mentally check out, set up their salesman alarms, too-good-to-be-true filters, enable their skepticism, and never join. Distributor #1 works very hard, but ultimately has no results.

Distributor #2 works hard to prospect and set appointments every day. When it is time to start the presentation, Distributor #2 opens with these words:

“Here is the short story.”

The prospects sit up, pay attention, and eagerly await the next words. They are looking for reasons to join, instead of reasons not to join. 

Instant improvement! With just a few short words.

That was easy. Becoming a professional presenter is easy also. All we have to do is learn better presentation skills. These are very learnable skills, and we should master them early in our career.

Then why don’t most distributors develop great presentation skills?

#1. They feel shy or embarrassed. They don’t want to look like a sleazy salesman to their prospects. They get this feeling from using the wrong words in their current presentation.

#2. They haven’t yet learned the skills of presenting to prospects effortlessly, in a way that prospects enjoy. Well, there is no shame in not knowing the skills when we join, but there is no excuse for refusing to learn the skills once we have joined.

#3. They set up their presentation as a win/lose, live-or-die situation. They didn’t know that they could set up the presentation as a win-win scenario where everyone feels great.

#4. They are nervous. Because they don’t know exactly what to say and do, objections and problems plague their presentations. This would make anyone nervous.

⇒ So when is a good time to fix this problem?

How about now? Why wait to get better in our business, when we can do that now?

The next MasterClass, "How to make awesome presentations," consists of three classes:

  1. Wednesday, May 29
  2. Wednesday, June 5
  3. Wednesday, June 12

Have your pen and paper ready to learn in the first class:

  1. What are our prospects really thinking before our presentation?
  2. What questions do prospects have?
  3. Why the "Who are you?" question is a trap.
  4. How do we reverse our prospects’ natural sales resistance?
  5. How do we take control of which questions our prospects will ask?
  6. Tips to get prospects on our side immediately.
  7. How to control the information dump.

Don’t worry. We will learn how to control many aspects of our presentation in the pre-class audios you will receive. 


When you enroll in this MasterClass, you will immediately receive audio lessons to prepare you for your classes.

Please listen and learn from these audios as soon as possible, so we can build upon those skills in the class.

Wouldn’t you like to give confident, short presentations that work?

Once we know the internal thinking processes of our prospects, it gets easier. We can design the exact words and phrases we need to get the job done.

Let’s take our presentation skills to the next level. The reward will be better presentations, less stress for us and the prospects, and bigger bonus checks. The bigger bonus checks simply reflect our improved skills.

More from Big Al:
An unusual thing about motivation.
When one of our team members struggles, but continues to push forward, what is that person thinking?

"The cost and pain of quitting is greater than the pain of continuing."

Yes, many times the motivation does not come from the reward, but from the penalty for quitting. 

For example, we don't want to go back to our friends and listen to them tell us, "I told you so. You should not have tried." Or, maybe if we quit, we have no way to pay off high-balance credit cards.

Remember, both rewards and pain motivate people.
A very simple close.
Many networkers are terrified of closing. We don't want to look like sleazy salespeople. But we need to get a decision from our prospects.

Closing is a big skill. We want to get better quickly. In the meantime, here is an easy, simple close that we can use.

"This either works for you, or it doesn't."

No one gets embarrassed. We feel good. Our prospects feel good. And they can make a choice. Some examples:

  • "Taking care of your body either works for you, or it doesn't."
  • "Using our enhanced mascara instead of false eyelashes either works for you, or it doesn't."
  • "Paying less for your utilities either works for you, or it doesn't."
  • "Having an extra paycheck every month either works for you, or it doesn’t."

Monday, May 20, 2019

Patty Cepeda Interview

Growing Consultants

No photo description available.
Growing Consultants....

How many of you have received the emails from corporate saying that your customer has 30 days to upgrade to associates or they will no longer bank the volume from everyone below them? 

Here is an example of a text message that I sent out this morning. Whenever I get those emails, I always send a message just like this. My next step is to set up a call and teach them how to reach consultant!

PLUS now when your customer becomes an Associate they get two free membership codes that they can use to bring in their first two customers making it even easier to become a Consultant!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Know and own your story

I think about you from time to time... hope all is well with you. I'd like to share my story with you since it's been a while since we connected.

I was introduced to Network Marketing by my boss in Corp America back in the mid 90's. I started with the giant Amway. (learned a great deal, but would never recommend Amway as a financial opportunity to anyone based on my years of experience). Bounced around with small Network Marketing companies including a couple of exciting start ups. (learned more... I will never go with a start up!) I achieved some measure of success while learning lessons. (I have been the #1 income earner of four different Network Marketing Companies).

A little over two years ago I decided to make Isagenix my home to develop the residual income I have always wanted to achieve the financial freedom I had to have. We have become six figure earners with Isagenix and now we are set on become one of the top 25 in Isagenix which would put us in the seven figure a year category. I believe we are on pace to achieve that as early as 2020!

Tell me what is your story?


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bring the Party promotion as simple as 1,2,3

Go to your Isagenix back office and click on "Contests and Promotions" then look for and click on

Or go to the link below, you will end up in the same place...

Tip: You do NOT need a paid Eventbrite account to fully register your event and tickets for your event can be FREE. But you do need an Eventbrite account... it can be the free version.

Isagenix just rolled out the best promotion I have ever seen in my Network Marketing career to help us build our teams/business!

1. You have to register your event.
See details below:
Once registered you will get an email from Isagenix that says... (they send out these emails every Mon-Wed-Fri)
Congratulations on registering your Guest Event!
We are so excited to support you in growing your business. Within 3 business days, we will email you 5 free enrollment codes and a $50 product coupon code! Please completely fill out the following information to officially register for the promotion and qualify for the benefits listed above.

After Registering my event I got this to take the survey!

2. Fill out the survey.
Congratulations on taking advantage of the Bring the Party Promotion! by registering your event on  We know how much work goes into building your business, and we are excited that you have decided to share the Isagenix Opportunity by hosting your own event.  In order to receive all of the offers from this promotion you must fill out the survey* below:

Please note, you will receive your coupons within 3 business days of filling out the survey.  Happy sharing!

*the results from this survey will only be valid with an event registered on
Isagenix Regional Sales Team
I filled out a 10 question survey and got this message!
Thank you for completing our survey! You will receive your coupons within 3 business days. For any questions please email

3. Receive Your Coupon Codes!
Hello Charles,
Thank you for registering your event on We hope you have a successful event! Please find your codes below. (Codes have been changed for illustration purposes only)
1.       Free Membership Codes (Valid with purchase of $149USD/$165CAD or more)
·         AREFN84W
·         AREHGNGR
·         AREK8JQC
·         AREM3YVL
·         AREP3SFT

2.       $50 Product Coupon Code (Expires 12/31/19)
·         AREXNWD8

Please email with any questions.
Thank you,
Your Isagenix Sales Support Team

4. Order and APPLY your coupon!

Here is a short video I prepared to promote people taking advantage of this simple but powerful promotion.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Seven Keys to Success in Your Isagenix Business

Everyone interested in making money with Isagenix... here is what I am promoting!

1. Kwangsoo Shin is just back from the official launch of Isagenix in Korea and his visit to Hong Kong.  Whatever you do, make sure you join us Saturday at noon Eastern on his weekly Zoom Training!
Weekly Training Zoom: IsaWorld Success Academy every Saturday @ noon Eastern/11 am Central/9 am Pacific

2. Make sure you and everyone (customers and builders) are on the Cepeda team text alerts. Simply text "PattyC" to 95577 (for Cepeda team members ONLY)

3. Mark your calendars for every Monday night and promote the weekly Zoom presentation.  Especially 5/22/19 we'll have Patty Cepeda as our special guest, you won't want to miss it! Mondays @ 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific time live on Zoom for an Isagenix Overview! Click:

4. Super Saturday in St. Louis area on 5/18/19.  For those of you that cannot attend, invite people that can... they and you will be glad you did. Please let us know you are coming and invite others:

5. Probably the one most important thing you can do to accelerate your success is attend the next major event.  Click here for information on Celebration... let me know you are coming.

6. Two in one at (Get the Isa Life App & Register for the IsaBody Challenge)... keys to your success and to the success of your team!

7. What is your next rank advancement?  Let me know if you would like my help in developing your roadmap to Executive... Note: One of the keys is the "Leader in Action" formula.  This simple adjustment has put my business in to momentum and we are just getting started.  We are now focused on the RIGHT things to grow our business.

Welcome to Isagenix (Starting point for all new customers and associates)

Shake Comparison I found on FB (appreciate any comments if anyone has first hand experience)

Shake Comparison- Not all proteins are created equal, and not all proteins are even good for you. So what sets my nutritional program apart from the rest, you ask?
1. Shakeology: Processed Whey Protein (Isolate), Contains Suma Root which contains Ecdysterone (a banned substance for athletes)...... Also an Intestional Irritant.
2. Herbalife: Soy Protein (Isolate) it is a row crop, not organic! Protein is acid washed with heat, (Denatured) to help make it less toxic, and only 9 grams of protein.(Also the cheapest of all the shakes to make)
3. Advocare: 1st ingredient is Maltodextrin, (it is a man made sugar that is chemically derived from starch and is used in a number of different foods and sweeteners. Side effects can include anything from, chest pain, heart palpitations, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, or excess fat if the calories from the sugar is not burned off).Soy Protein and Fructose are the next 2 ingredients! Also has GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)......
4. Body By Vi: Soy Protein, a row crop product and loaded with toxins, GMO"s and sweetened with Sucralose, (The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body and shown to reduce the amount of GOOD bacteria in the intestines by as much as 50%.Maltodextrin derived from GMO starch, whey protein isolatesOnly 10 Grams of poor Protein, not a meal replacement and in addition is has to be mixed with milk.
5. Slim Fast – GMO, maltodextrin, refined sugar, antibiotics, rBGH, carrageenan
6. Ensure – GMO, soy protein, maltodextrin, refined sugar, artificial colors, carrageenan
7. It Works – GMO, soy protein, maltodextrine, whey protein isolates, antibiotics, rBGH
8. Atkins – GMO, refined sugar, antibiotics, rBGH, artificial colors, carrageenan
9. Special K – GMO, soy protein, maltodextrin, refined sugar, antibiotics, rBGH, artificial colors, carrageenan
10. Isogen – GMO, maltodextrin, refined sugar, whey protein isolate, antibiotics, rBGH, artificial colors
11. Pure Protein – GMO, refined sugar, whey protein isolate, antibiotics, rBGH, artificialcoloring, carrageenan
12. Muscle Milk – GMO, maltodextrin, refined sugar, whey protein isolate, heavy metals (arsenic and lead), antibiotics, rBGH, artificial coloring, carrageenan
13. Youngevity Slender FX -only 105 calories so not a meal replacement, use soy and whey proteins, no source given for whey, so probably low grade from U.S., low carbs, Sweetened with Steviol (stevia)
14. The Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothies- Their protein blend contains soy protein concentrate and soy protein isolate. Rules them out immediately. It's not a true meal replacement by itself. They suggest mixing it with milk to bring calories up for replacing meals. Cost is $2.72 per serving yielding 16g of protein.
15. The Physique Shake- Their protein blend contains Milk and Whey protein isolate, both of which are denatured. Rules them out yet again. It's a protein supplement, not meal replacement. Cost is $2.22 per serving yielding 14g of protein.
16. Syntrax Nectar Protein: only 100 calories so it can't be a meal replacementcontains soy protein along with whey proteincontains Sucralose is an artificial sweetenercontains Hydrolyzed wheat which is really just another way of saying MSG
17. Arbonne shakes are to low in calories (160) and very low in nutrition, most only having 15% of the RDA (a few as high as 20%). Very high in sodium at 480 mg.
18. MonaVie - contains soy, very expensive, only 9gr of protein, not enough calories for a "meal replacement" so they suggest you add milk to it, making it even more expensive, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate NOT Hormone Free Whey, (whey concentrate is BEST) Whey source not given and since it contains hormones at best it is probably a grade 2 or 3 whey protein. Contains Artificial Sweeteners and/or Flavors.
     Think about what you put in your body! If it is not all natural, 100% chemical free and contains no artificial anything. You should not be putting it into your body!

Now let's compare this to the nutritional cleansing shake I'm using ....
�Undenatured Whey Protein
�No unnatural products.
�Complete nutrition for a meal replacement. 
�24 - 36g of protein 
�240 calories 
�Has all 90 Building Blocks your Body needs 
�7 active enzymes for easy digestion 
�242 Nutrients and ALL ORGANIC! 
�NO GMO MALTODEXTRIN (tapioca organic)
�Full macro nutrient meal
Know what's in your food so you can make the best choices about what you put into your body!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I am a Professional Network Marketer and proud of it...

FB post From: Lisa Dunsky
Yup, haters gonna hate and I understand why they do. Today I stumbled upon a “ranting” site/app and MLM companies were taking a beating and one specifically on Isagenix.
So I decided to speak on it, here it is for y’all.
I am not looking to start an argument or sell anything either (in case you were thinking that). I believe in being fully informed on anything before I speak on it, for or against it. I would like to merely offer up real and true answers about Isagenix if anyone wants it.
What I know is true:
1. someone who wholeheartedly believes in their products effectiveness and quality will never force it down others throats.
2. There are good people and bad people, smart people and not so smart people in this world. Some do it right, some do it wrong.
3. Isagenix is network marketing, not an MLM, there is actually a vast difference.
4. Everyone in Isagenix has an opportunity to make referral bonuses and grow a residual income, people who don’t work hard and think it comes easy do not see the same income as those that do.
5. The compensation flow chart may look like a triangle and/or pyramid in shape but that is all, if you look at any corporate organization chart you will see a similar shape, an owner or CEO at the top, the management and then subordinates, etc. in that structure the people at the top make more and always do/will. In Isagenix, any spot you look at can make more than anyone above them. It’s 100% up to each individual and how much effort they put in
6. Word of mouth advertising is at the core of how we all share things. Great restaurants, clothes, movies, cars. None of those places thank you with a percentage of their profits for sending people in or referrals unless you work for them on commission.
7. I agree that there is too much advertising on social media in network marketing and multi-level marketing and many have forgotten how to just be on Facebook. However, this does not make the products, the person or the companies bad, just some people either being overexcited, feeling too amazing to be quiet about it, just doing what everyone was doing, or seemingly unaware of authentic ways to share.
8. No one in Isagenix sells products, Isagenix sells products, they then offer referral bonuses to the Isagenix customer who referred them and a residual every time anyone under them orders any more products (no matter who brought them in).
9. People don’t like MLMs if they either don’t understand them, have had a bad experience with one or one of the reps. or tried to build a business and failed, either because the person who enrolled them told them they’d be rich quick or they gave up because it was too hard. Or maybe they just heard a story from their aunts, sister who has a cousin, who’s best friend had one of the experiences above.
10. Isagenix lets you enroll your spouse and that is an additional stream of income if you are building it right. I personally think this is an incredible bonus as my husband and I generate from both business centers.
11. Some think if a friend profits in any way by buying a product through them is wrong.
We own a chiropractic clinic (yeah, another hated profession on that site) and we offer services that we get a profit from. insurance pays some, patients pay some, or all depending on the care. We are a business and we generate a profit from our business. No one gets upset by that, we make a living just like everyone else. Our referrals are a huge portion of our business.
I buy from other network marketing or direct sales companies and I’m happy my friends get a percentage of it.
I drink a LOT of champagne, a friend told tell me to try Veuve Clicquot. If she got paid every time I buy Veuve she’d be stinking rich and I would be so happy for her.
I shop at Home Goods a LOT, I tell people about the deals I get all the time, home goods doesn’t pay me to do that, I love the store and tell my friends. If I did get a profit, would that be so bad?? I mean if they did, I’d totally spend it all there, maybe they should think about a referral program. Hint hint Home Goods !!
Peace in the Middle East 🙂

Monday, May 6, 2019

Mark Nixon and Cyndy Bartlett share their amazing transformation stories

Celebration in Nashville.. 300 Winners

From April 29 through June 9, 2019, you could qualify to win a four-night stay at the Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown. The top 300 point earners during this period will be awarded a hotel stay and $100 credit to use at the on-site event store.* 

To earn points, personally enroll new Customers with an initial order of 100 BV or more. You’ll also need to have a Global Celebration 2019 ticket purchased by June 9, 2019, to participate. A leaderboard will be posted in your Back Office under Reports. Winners will be announced June 19. 

What You Can Win

  • Four nights of hotel accommodations at the Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown from Aug. 10-13, 2019.
  • $100 credit to use toward any event store purchase.
  • An experience you’ll never forget!
Y’all ready? Good luck, and see you in Nashville for the biggest and best Isagenix event yet! 

Isagenix Millionaires Audrye McLeod & Herb Cepeda

Isagenix Millionaires Audrye McLeod & Herb Cepeda have a conversation around key factors it takes to be successful in building and growing an Isagenix business. This series is about all generations- Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z alike- coming together and gleaming from those who have gone before them in this profession, to gain wisdom and the right perspective about success.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Getting Started Right with a new Associate in the UK

Your link for prospects to your site is

Phone Number for UK Corp office is Call 08081890490

Weekly Training Zoom: IsaWorld Success Academy every Saturday @ noon Eastern/11 am Central/9 am Pacific

Articles/Blogs and recordings: 
Your User Name is Kyle09
Your password is Jess.jayne23

1. Go to and log in to Member Login
Use your user name and password to login.

2. Click on "Become an Associate" (DONE)

3. Set up Recommended Carts: Here is an example of one that I set up for you. 
Here are the Isagenix products I selected to fit your goals! Tap the link below to view the products, complete your order and sign up for Isagenix!  

Use the Suggested IsaMovie layout for your personal website when following the “Say, Share, Do” system to introduce your prospects to Isagenix. Learn more about this system on

Chuck Williams
President, Team of Hope

Important email update

1. Cyndy Bartlett shares her journey with us today... don't miss this!

2. Super Zoom meeting tonight!
From Audrye...
“Hey team! For the past couple months, the idea of merging the wisdom and understanding from Gen X and the youthful energy and vision from Gen Y excites me because I believe that together we can do GREATER things!
Join Top income earner Herb Cepeda and I next Thursday, May 2 for a zoom Q & A!
If you are a millennial put it in your calendar because Herbie is going to be bringing our generation the wisdom and perspective from his seasoned experience in this industry.
If you are Gen X put it in your calendar as well because we will be bringing your generation insight, energy, and understanding from a millennial standpoint.
I love our generations because of the different perspectives and I believe together we can achieve MORE!”
See you ​Tonight​!

​3. Weekly Training Zoom​I will be sharing how to use the "Leaders in Action" formula to drive your business... ​IsaWorld Success Academy every Saturday @ noon Eastern/11 am Central/9 am Pacific

​NOTE: If you don't have your tickets to Celebration in Nashville yet, please contact me immediately and let's discuss.
Chuck Williams
President, Team of Hope