Sunday, February 4, 2018

February promotion

Patty Lahey Cepeda posted
February promotion that starts tomorrow Feb 5th!

Someone can earn $1700!!!!!

US & Canadian leaders can earn big. If someone enrolls 5 new customers with 150 BV each, they will earn $200 in spending cash. If they get 8 new enrollments, again with 150 bv each, they will earn $500 in travel allowance. If they enroll 10 they will earn $1000. This is a total of $1700!!!! All communication will be ready on ISAFYI tomorrow morning. We will also have it on calls and on the Facebook groups. This is just a reminder that your excitement will drive others to be too. Happy Super Bowl Sunday. One last thing, all who want to earn must have a celebration ticket!!!! Celebration will surely be sold out this month.

Let’s GO!!!!

Clarification on Feb Frenzy 
You must purchase the celebration ticket by March 4 th in order to win any prize including $200, $500. 

In order to win $1,000 prize, you must attend the celebration and register at the venue. 

The celebration tickets will be sold out soon and you should buy the tickets anyway even if you can’t go. You are buying for your future team mates who would want to go.