Saturday, November 17, 2018

12 Top Tips for those wanting success with their Isagenix Business

  1. Cepeda morning calls are the key for anyone wanting to really build a business.
  2. Saturday noon Eastern Kwangsoo Shin team training calls.
  3. Monday night zoom presentations
  4. Balance of schedule is at
  5. Are they enrolled in IsaBody Challenge and getting $600 a year in free products?
  6. Are they "Active"... 100+ BV every 29 days
  7. Are they a Consultant and eligible for up to $13,500 a week in cycles?
  8. Do they know what links to use with their prospects?
  9. They need to be an associate to have the links work... (FYI) so are they an Associate?
  10. Are they "Internationally eligible"?
  11. Do they understand the POWER of the Isagenix Compensation plan? (Kathy Coover's new presentation called "Maximizing the Isagenix Compensation Plan")
  12. Major events... NYKO, Celebration