Thursday, April 18, 2019

Reintroducing IsaDelivery. Unlimited Shipping. Wellness Delivered.

We want our Customers to have the products they need when they need them. With IsaDelivery, we're helping ensure that our Customers can focus less on ordering and more on enjoying our products. 

For just US$119, you receive: 

Unlimited ground shipping for one full year, with no minimum purchase for wholesale or Lifestyle Rewards (Autoship) orders.* 

You must be a Lifestyle Rewards member to purchase. 

Additionally, all new Members can get free shipping on initial product orders over US$300.** 

Visit your Back Office April 22 to sign up!

Long hot summer days are coming. To make sure your delicious, heat-sensitive products make it to your doorstep in perfect condition during the warmer months, they will require a special protective cooler.

The cooler fee will be $6 per two items starting April 30.

BONUS: Those who purchase IsaDelivery will not be charged the cooler fee!