After undertaking a 16-week transformation challenge whilst following the Isagenix plan, these finalists have not only transformed their bodies but they’ve overcome challenges to reach their goals, which is what IsaBody is all about! Well done to our three finalists for Round 3 2019!

Pakken Yung

I was in a very difficult place juggling a full-time university course, a new born baby, financial struggles and moving around temporary accommodation, so my health and mental state was at an all-time low. I was determined to make a change and knew my health was a priority, so I enrolled into the IsaBody Challenge. Even though my journey had its ups and downs, I’m so much happier now and I’m in a much better place! It’s helped me get into a healthier mindset, so I feel more able to deal with life’s challenges!

Eric Prendergast 

I was drifting towards ever increasing bad health, but I didn’t really notice it until it’d already crept up on me. It got to a point where running for 20 metres to catch the bus left me seriously out of breath. It was high time for a change so after hearing about people’s success with IsaBody, I thought ‘I can do that too!’. After signing up I haven’t looked back – I entered the Competition at 106.4kg and lost 15.1kg in 16 weeks! This is just the start for me, I will regain my health!

Natividad Moreno Rodriguez 

Since turning 40, I’ve found it more difficult to lose weight – I even used dieticians for five years, but as soon as I stopped their diets I just put all the weight back on. I decided to try Isagenix to see if it would help, and it’s been one of the most important decisions of my life. My results have exceeded my expectations and I’ve actually achieved my ideal weight! It’s now so easy to nourish myself, and I’ve got more energy for my family, my job and my social life.
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