Friday, December 18, 2020

FB Post announcing new Collagen Elixir™

I just got off the phone with Herb Cepeda and what he shared with me is of utmost importance. I need your help getting the word out to every one ASAP... Who do you know that would like to look 10-15 years younger? Our new Collagen Elixir™ product will be 10X better than any other product on the market... that is a competitive advantage that can lead to serious momentum and wealth for business builders. Here is the breakout session I will be watching at NYKO! Using Collagen To Attract New Customers Robbie & Luke Pollock Learn how Robbie and Luke Pollock used the new Collagen Elixir™ to generate team excitement and business growth. (They double rank advanced with their strategies!) So much more to share... let's pack out Monday's zoom where we'll cover this new Collagen Elixir™, our Whole Blend Shakes (also the best meal replacement shakes on the market!), Tony Robbins Training opportunity, NYKO details and how you can take advantage of all this to really launch your business in 2021. Monday evenings Training for Associates at 5:30 PM Eastern/4:30 PM Central/2:30 PM Pacific time live on Zoom..."The Why and the HOW to the Power of Two and the magic of 100BV every 29 days!" Chuck Williams & Duncan Driscoll