Monday, April 26, 2021

Clarifying the two (2) promotions for all of us that become Tapestri Affiliates prior to launch of the app and more...

Here is the description that I included in this update YouTube Video this morning.

Here is the video I sent... copied the video description below for easy reference.

We host two live zoom presentations this week!

Monday at 1 pm Central time and Friday at 2 pm Central time. Walter Harrison, Founder and CEO and Chuck Williams, Affiliate Manager, present the Tapestri Affiliate Program Overview at Chuck's Zoom Meeting Room NOTE: Monday's (today) will feature a 10 minute presentation to kick things off. Then a Q&A which has become very popular. At the very end Walter will give us an update on the status of the app!
I will be posting all video recordings and important information on our Tapestri FB page. Be sure to like and turn on notifications so you get the most up to date information regarding Tapestri Affiliate program. We are running two promotions to reward the early adapters that join the Tapestri Affiliate program before the official launch of the app (target date is 6/1/21) Clarity on the two promotions! 1. Tapestri Equity Opportunity: to earn equity you need to be one of the first 50 to personally enroll ten Super Affiliates. Your ten affiliates need to personally enroll ten. *The requirement for your equity is that you maintain at least ten personally enrolled Super Affiliates at least six months out of the next twelve. If you are one of the first 50, you will earn 1/50th of one percent equity in Tapestri.* 2. Founder's Club: to be part of the Founder's Club you simple need to enroll as a Tapestri Affiliate prior to the official launch of the Tapestri app. This may be 6/1 as hoped, may be 6/2 or even a bit later. Our target is 6/1/21. The Founder's Club members will pay the $9.95 one time upon initial enrollment and then get the first 12 months FREE once we launch the app! What a great way to say thank you for being a pioneer with us and helping us grow Tapestri. The key here is not to just think of ourselves. Get as many people as you possibly can enrolled as fast as you can, so they can share this great opportunity with their friends too. Chuck Williams Affiliate Manager 636-734-0497