Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Support System...


Hi Chuck ... please plug into our

You should know that our team has a tremendous support system in place
starting with
Chuck Williams who does weekly Zoom calls
Tuesday & Thursdays @ http://IAmTeamOfHope.Com  ...

Simply go to the link above @

7 PM Central on Tuesday

Evenings where
Chuck holds a Live Meeting in the St Louis area that he broadcasts on
Zoom.  On Thursdays ... there are TWO CALLS - 3 PM Central & 8:30 PM
Central ... please try to attend these calls and bring your prospects so we
can help you grow your business ...

Herb & Patty Cepeda are the TOP INCOME EARNERS with Isagenix
and are our upline support as well ...

Prior to Isagenix they were CONSULTANTS on how to grow your network for
17 years and they charged their clients $60,000.00 for that service and were
very successful at it ...

They have taken that same concept and have applied it to Isagenix and their
team giving them support Monday through Friday @ 8:30 AM Eastern with
a half an hour to an hour call ... and YOUR SUCCESS can be DIRECTLY

Go to:  http://IBelieveYouCan.Com ... and REGISTER so that you can gain the
invaluable support information INSIDE and gain access to their recorded calls!!

Once you have Registered ... then simply LOGIN ... hover your mouse over "Daily Calls"
in the top menu bar under the video to display the drop down menu and then click on
"Daily Calls" in that drop down menu and it will display the last 7 recorded calls with their
appropriate dates and they suggest that you download your favorite call to your computer
to be able to use again and again to refer to from time to time or as you see fit ...

Have an incredible day ... see you on the calls!!

Rod Dockter rod@therightchoice.info 701-204-5489

Thanks to Rod Dockter for the above summary of the available system.