Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Getting Started Right training including important links

1. Become a member of

  • New Associate Guide, Getting Started
  • Morning Calls (listen to some of the recordings to get started)
2. Text PattyC to 95577 to receive text alerts for Cepeda team events and especially Daily Call reminders.  Get on as many of the daily calls as possible.  Make it a priority.

3. Get your tickets to the next major event.  At the time of this training Nov Express University was the next big event and early bird tickets for Celebration in Nashville were still available.

4. IsaBody Challenge (under Promotions and Contests in your Isagenix back office)

5. Championship Challenge (under Promotions and Contests in your Isagenix back office)

6. ISA Tools App (under Resources in your Isagenix back office)

7. Key Sites to bookmark and become familiar with:
Corporate Sites:
Note: we broadcast Healthy Happy Hour from our isagenix4life FB page Mon-Sat every day at noon Central time via FB LIVE and we broadcast our Home Meetings live on this page too.

8. Review how to set up and adjust your monthly replenishment order (maintain a minimum of 100BV every 30 days)

9/  Rank Advancement Bonuses and goals to achieve them.

10. The Team of Hope blog with recordings and schedule of events at

Be sure the new customer knows how to become an associate and how to enroll their new customers!