Friday, April 20, 2018

Allison Choi's amazing transformation stories...

TODAY @ the Doctor's office...
The Dr. had recommended me to quit my job when I nearly had a stroke in August. She couldn't believe it was me. She had to look at my chart & records twice and did a DOUBLE TAKE.
Dr: Is it really YOU, ALLISON?!?!?!
Me: Yes. of course!
Dr.: Oh my lost nearly 25lbs!!!!! YOU LOOK GOOD & MUCH HEALTHIER!!! Turn around. Wow!!!! I'm so proud of you. (Gives me a hug.) It's hard work for someone with hypothyroidism to loose weight. Your blood pressure is almost to normal (Note: Blood pressure in August was 150/90.) I will lower your dosage and by next check up you may be off of it. Good work. Now, let's run a blood test to see how your dosage will be for the hypothyroidism.
I may need to try the Isagenix program for myself. I want to get back into bicycling, too.
Me: We can ride together on the beach trail one day.

Allison Youngeun Choi is feeling thankful.
April 19 at 10:18am
<ANOTHER TESTIMONY OF AN ISAGENIX MEMBER> Walked into my DOCTOR'S appointment this morning fully prepared with copies of our scientific studies and ready to mention Isagenix for his clients that are looking for a weight-loss or healthier eating solution. (I wanted to do this 6 months ago but couldn’t get out of my comfort zone that morning 🙈) It just so happens I was running late this morning and made my shake on my way out the door. I was still drinking it (In my IsaBody shaker cup) when he walked in. He asked me what it was. We proceeded to have a conversation about the program, and how it changed my life. (I have Hashimoto's and this program has been life & health altering!) He always comments about how beautiful my bloodwork is and I mentioned that I am pretty confident it’s mostly in part to this amazing nutrition. He continued to tell me about how little nutrition education medical doctors receive and was blown away by some of what I was telling him....He has patients in mind he may want to refer to me ... and thinks his wife would love the convenience of a healthy meal on the go!!! At his request I left him the studies with my card and link to my personal website .... 🙏🏻 .... I have always known it but today being a product of the Product was HUGE!!!!
Who wants to be on a healthy, nutritional, life changing program????? MY DOCTOR SIGNED UP YESTERDAY WHILE I WAS EXERCISING ON A BEACH TRAIL. She endorsed the ingredients and loves the taste and the fullness of the shake!!!!!