Monday, April 2, 2018

The ‘Trifecta’ is Perfecta, So We’re Extending It!

April 2 – 8, 2018

That’s right, there is one more full week of the biggest new Customer promotion we’ve ever offered!
New Customers that join Isagenix and place a qualifying initial order between now and Sunday, April 8, 2018, could receive up to US$98/CA$105 in savings. While they enjoy the savings, you can use this opportunity to help earn PIBs, Double PIBs, and the Rapid Crystal Reset bonuses on top of your regular commissions.
New Customers that join Isagenix during this promotion period are eligible for up to three promotions on their initial orders. Here’s how the Trifecta Promotion breaks down:
  1. Free ground shipping* up to US$50/CA$55 with a 150 BV + initial order
  2. Free one-year membership* with a 150 BV + initial order
  3. In addition to free ground shipping and free membership, new Customers that order 200 BV+ on their initial orders can add one free six-pack box of e+™ shots, or a 12-pack of e+ shots at half price**. (Let your Customer know that they must add the e+ box to their initial order at the time of purchase to receive this offer. A credit will be applied upon checkout.)
This generous free ground shipping* offer is enough to ship the most massive of initial orders, so be sure your Customers consider the Weight Loss Value Pak when they join. But wait, there’s more! New Customers that join Isagenix with the Weight Loss Value Pak will receive an additional US/CA$29 off their order (instead of free one-year membership*) because the Value Paks already include one-year free membership!
Not only will your Customers get a tremendous start on achieving weight wellness, you could also earn a PIB of US$100/CA$110 when you enroll a new Customer on a Weight Loss Value Pak. And, if you have two Customers get started on that pak during this promotion, you would be eligible for double PIBs for a total of US$400/CA$440! WIN! WIN! WIN! Now, THAT’S a TRIFECTA!