Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cycling for health and residual income

Keith and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter here.

Remember learning to ride a bicycle?

Did we study the bicycle owner’s manual, watch YouTube videos, and consult some professional bicycle riders? Probably not.

That is not how we learned to ride a bicycle. Instead, we sat on the seat, both feet on the ground, and slowly moved forward with the help of our training wheels. Once we experienced a bit of movement, we learned to balance. And then maybe we took one foot off the ground.

Learning network marketing is the same. We need to talk to people as our first step. If all we do is go to opportunity meetings and watch videos, then our first encounter with a "live" prospect will result in the prospect running away terrified.

We need small steps of experience.

So instead of planning, we need to take a little bit of action to learn how to talk to people. Maybe we can start with an opening sentence that inspires a stranger to have a conversation with us. Later, when we are comfortable with this little step, we can expand our conversation with strangers.

Without experience, we look like the young man asking for his first date. Stressed, unsure. That is not an attractive image to prospects.

How to start getting experience now?

Just say "hi" to someone, and have a no-agenda conversation. Now we are getting some experience.
The two big fears.
We fear rejection when approaching prospects. And prospects fear that we will sell them something.

Not a good combination.

The initial skill to fix these fears is rapport. When prospects trust us and believe us, these fears go away. We all feel better.

Start with rapport. And that could be as easy as telling our prospects one fact that they believe and we believe. Starting with agreement works. It could be as easy as saying, "We all need a raise."
"Who should I talk to first?"
How about our best friend? Best friends are best friends because we tend to think the same way. If we want a part-time business, then most times our best friends will feel the same way.

And as a bonus, we have rapport with our best friend, so our message will be heard. 
That person might be worth a fortune!
Have we ever seen someone we wanted to talk to about our business, but didn’t know how to start? Happens all the time. 

Successfully meeting new people isn’t taught in school. We learn geometry and ancient history instead.

If we don’t talk to that special person, what happens? Nothing.

And that person might have become our best friend and business partner if we only gave that person a chance.

Think of all the potential superstars we’ve passed up in our career.

Here is the book that teaches us how to talk to these future friends and business partners. We can learn how to approach people, rejection-free.

You can listen to an audio excerpt for free here: