Monday, March 4, 2019

Free Membership + 10% Off promo

Free Membership + 10% Off
Can you believe March is here? It seems like we were just celebrating New Year Kick Off, doesn’t it? Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Last month, to help drive new Customer enrollments and support the Rapid Crystal Reset, we ran a free membership and 10 percent off promotion. You and the rest of the field raved over it, so we’ve decided to run this promotion again.

You and your team can give new Members one year of free membership (a US/CA$29 value) and 10 percent off* initial orders starting TOMORROW! This promo will run from March 4-10. And don’t forget you can use this to your advantage with the Rapid Crystal Reset Crystal Director bonus deadline fast approaching!

New Members must place an order of 150 BV or more and join the Lifestyle Rewards (Autoship) program to receive the free one-year membership and 10 percent discount.

This promotion will be posted at in your market and emailed to all North America Isagenix Independent Associates Monday, March 4.