Monday, July 22, 2019

Tips from Big Al

Big Al
July 22, 2019
Try these prospecting questions.
"Do you like weekends? Want them to be longer?"
"Do you feel underpaid?"
"Notice how prices keep going up, but our paychecks don’t?"
"Want a more exciting career?"
"Wouldn’t it be fun if we could work together?"

Listen to the answers, and simply take the volunteers.
Presentation tip.
Prospects want short presentations. They are busy and want to get back to their lives. So how can we help them relax?

Start by saying, "Here is the short story." Then allow them to ask questions about what they are interested in, instead of us telling them what we think is important.
Understanding procrastination.
Our prospects are scared of change. They fear the unknown consequences of starting something new. We can calm their fears by letting them know many other people have gone before them and succeeded. Plus, we can offer to hold their hands and work with them to be successful.