Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Unlimited $50 product coupons from Isagenix?

For specific details visit the Isagenix Corp Site at

Here is a series of text I have sent to a few people on my Isagenix team... plus another tip at the bottom regarding the word "Telomeres".

"Have I mentioned to you that Isagenix has a promotion going on where you can get unlimited $50 product coupons?"

"To get the $50 product coupon, you go to and register a gathering.  Could be a one on one at the office or coffee shop. I have one at my home once a week. Fill out the survey after you have registered, get a $50 product coupon! No Limit!"

"At the gathering share Isagenix. I recommend"

"By the way, if some one at your gathering registers a meeting and mentions they found out about it at your meeting (when filling out their survey), YOU get an extra $50 product coupon and so do they."

"Lastly, they have another promotion for free shipping for a year for only $119 one-time. Use one of the $50 product coupons and it's only $69 for a whole year of shipping.  Makes using the other $50 product coupons an even better deal..."

Lastly, this morning at my Networking Event in my 45 second commercial about who I am and what I do, I mentioned our Nobel Science Prize winning Isagenesis and the Telomeres support.  NOTE: I had two people come up to me after the meeting with great interest in learning more... Key word "Telomeres" and we have a product that promotes youthful aging.

Chuck Williams