Friday, September 25, 2020

Getting Started Right as an Associate Training

10 Basics to helping someone get started as an Associate

1. Become an Associate in your Isagenix Backoffice.

2. You need to do 100 BV or more every 30 days to remain active in the compensation plan (I recommend 28 or 29 days, I can explain if you are interested.  Best way to do this is use the LifeStyle Reward). This includes retail purchases through your website and your own personal orders.

3. Go to and check out the "Fast Track to Executive"

4. Your first goal is Consultant by (30 days or less)

Note your goals for Manager and Director to earn the rank advancement bonuses.

5. Your Goal for Crystal Executive is by the end of the year (180 days or less)

6. The system we use is the "7-Step System" which you can find 24/7 at (I recommend 1. Leading with the Business/Financial Opportunity)

7. At under the 7-Step System you will see the Presentation Schedule.  I highly recommend you make every effort to be on the Monday night zoom AND have some prospective customers (business builders) with you. 

8. Install the IsaLife App it's FREE and then go to scroll down and at least watch the "Benefits of the IsaLife App" video.

9. Install the Penny App and I recommend you upgrade to the Pro Version for only $11.99 a month. 

Watch the training tutorial at Penny 101 Training for Isagenix

10. Register for the IsaBody Challenge either through the IsaLife App or your Isagenix Backoffice.