Thursday, December 21, 2017

What does it cost? Can I afford it?

Michael Wiedder wrote, "What does it cost? Can I afford it?
Can I afford NOT to, is the question you should be asking!!

People ask if this nutritional program is expensive. Initially, I thought it was, but after committing to my 1st 30 day system, I quickly realized we were actually saving! Yes, it's a whole month's worth upfront, but when you think about the cost per meal and the benefits of the nutrition on your body, the value of what you're getting is incredible!

iPhones are expensive, our cable bill, manicures and pedicures are expensive, alcohol is expensive, housing is costly. Every time I walk into Costco or Target for "one thing," it's expensive. Eating out and Starbucks are both expensive.

We pay for all those things, but none of them profoundly impact how we show up in this world, what kind of person we become or how we feel about our bodies & health.
This nutrition - validated by so many doctors that have joined us - is paying upfront for 64+ meals that are GUARANTEED to transform how you look and feel and makeover your health IF YOU CHOOSE to let it. That is less than $3 per meal for a program that will change your entire life.

Imagine if you went to Costco and bought your food for a month all at once, and at the end of the month, even if you've prepared and consumed ALL of your meals, if you say it just wasn't for me, they gave you your money back!!!


That's what Isagenix does!! There is zero risk, not trying this is simply ridiculous!
The nutrition system in this country is completely dysfunctional! People are sicker than ever, more stressed out than ever and living less than fulfilling lives because they feel like crap! Going thru life feel tired, bored, stuck, stressed, achy, fat, sluggish is EXPENSIVE!! It is costing priceless moments of life that can't be bought back!!
We all deserve to eat high quality food, your family deserves it and you are WORTH it! Isagenix makes it possible for every single household to eat Isagenix for free if they choose! Free GROCERIES for your family!!
It's Simple - We have ONE LIFE and ONE BODY to live in, make sure to treat it with respect!

Take the time to evaluate what investments YOU need to start making to live the life you lay in bed at night wishing for. The dividends are overflowing for those who invest in becoming a the best version of themselves"