Monday, January 7, 2019

Tune in to New Year Kick Off 2019 via live streaming!

We are just DAYS away from New Year Kick Off 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona - and while the event is sold out YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE!

For just $49 you'll gain access to the FULL EVENT from the comfort of your home. Stay close to all the action, including
 live access to IsaTalks (formerly known as Science Talks), product launches, promotion announcements, and more! You'll have live access to the event, plus on demand access to rewatch segments until April 14.

Purchase your ticket now at

NOTE: Farmer John told me this morning that last year as he watched the live streaming he was giving coupons and the ability to purchase new products before the products went "live" to everyone else... It's likely that will be the case again.