Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Current Promotions are the BEST ever!

Fr-- Membership and 10% Off to Rock Your Results — March 4-10

I had a customer that wanted to get started with just four canisters of shakes. I showed him that with this promotion (Fr-- Membership + 10% Off), he could get such a great deal... He ended up ordering six canisters of shakes and it cost him a whopping $8 more! Take advantage of the FR-- Membership and 10% off while it lasts! 

NOTE: I just posted this on Isagenix for Life, if you are not getting notifications, please make sure you have liked the page and set your notifications to be notified of new posts... 

The other promotion going on ALL month is the Fast Start Consultant Rank Advancement bonus.  
(triple the normal Consultant Rank Advancement bonus)

FastStart Consultant Bonus

Qualification Period: Feb. 25-March 31, 2019 (scroll down just under the Fr-- Membership Promo) 

For those of you in the STL area or know someone that is... WE have a Super Saturday this Saturday.

Lastly, I just enrolled my 2nd new customer of the day and my 1st using the IsaLife App...
Oh why did I wait so long to start using the IsaLife App... so easy, it's ridiculous!
If you aren't using the IsaLife app to enroll your new customers yet, get with someone that has and try it once. It makes the enrollment process so simple and duplicatable!

Chuck Williams
President, Team of Hope