Wednesday, March 13, 2019

IsaLife App and recommended Carts Rock!

Third time is the charm this time...
After meeting with a perspective customer, I created a recommended cart for him to help him lose the weight he said he wanted to lose.  He came back and said he was interested in the Brain Boost, but not the shakes or bars that I had recommended.  I recommended a cart containing Brain and Sleep support and several other items that I won't live without.  He did not respond, so today I sent him a third recommended cart with only a Brain and Sleep support chosen... later that evening I was notified that I have a new customer!  I thanked him for his order and let him know he has a year at wholesale pricing with his annual membership. He thanked me and now our journey begins... 

Another story!

I did a one-on-one meeting with Dr. David on 1/31/19. He is part of a networking group that I joined recently. Today (3/13/19) he approached me and asked me what was in our Hydrate because I had given him a sample pak and he really liked it. I stopped by his office today and gave him some more Hydrate for a race he is in this weekend.

Then I came home and went in to my back office. Put my mouse over "Team" and clicked on "Manage My Recommended Carts".  Then I set up a recommended cart for Dr. David with one each of the performance products I use on regular basis.

Went to my IsaLife App and clicked on "My Profile" in the bottom right hand corner.  Scrolled down a little to the "Share Isagenix".  Clicked on the Recommended Cart that I had created for Dr. Hadden. Clicked on "Share This Recommended Cart" and choose "Gmail" as the method that I wanted to use to share.

I then sent this email to Dr. David...

David, I'll send you a really short video on the hydrate product for your review. 

Here are the Isagenix products I picked out to fit your performance goals!

I use them all regularly except for the Amped Fuel, but I hear great things about it, so I included it.

You can edit however you want. These are just my recommendations

 Tap the link below to view the products, complete your order and sign up for Isagenix!

http://linkgeneratedbyISALIFEapp (not the real link as it is LIVE)

2nd email I sent to Dr. David Hadden:

Here is the video I mentioned (very short)
AMPED Hydrate

Not all sports drinks are created the same. AMPED™ Hydrate is a better option with carbohydrates for fueling your body and the right balance of electrolytes for optimal hydration. Here’s why Sports Nutrition Expert and Emergency Room Physician Dr. Ara Suppiah recommends this product to his athletes and uses it himself.

Chuck Williams

Another example...
From: Chuck Williams <>
Date: Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 11:46 AM
Subject: Lisa, I here is some information for you as you research Isagenix solutions


I already recommended my favorite video for you to review...

Another great one with scientific research and so much more is

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me.  I really do want to help you achieve your goals.
Even if you would like to speak to some of my other clients, just let me know.  Hope to see you Wednesday morning.

Here are the Isagenix products I picked out to fit your goals at a bare minimum to get started!  This would be enough product to do two shakes a day for 28 days. I selected four canisters of Chocolate for you, you can edit the order to include whatever flavors you prefer. There is so much more we can do to help you, but this alone will make a huge difference in your health. The products are guaranteed satisfaction or your money back for 30 days. The wholesale membership is good for a full year.

Tap the link below to view the products, complete your order and sign up for Isagenix!  ​(this is not the actual link)​

Note: the Value Pak is much more product and costs more.  If money is no object, I highly recommend you start with a Value Pak for maximum effectiveness and best Value (therefore the name).

Chuck Williams
President, Team of Hope

Another example:

Best  place to learn more about Isagenix solutions is 

Here are the Isagenix products I picked out to fit your goals! Tap the link below to view the products, complete your order and sign up for Isagenix! (changed the link)

You can adjust the order for your specific taste. I chose one of each flavor, you can change.

This is the best way to get started. Just  two shakes a day. 

If you any specific needs like reducing the effects of stress, more energy, some  meal replacement bars... Call me and  I can  help you make  the best decision.

30-day money back guarantee.

No  long  term commitment or obligation.  Remember, you can cancel the autoship any time (I set it up for just $1). The autoship saves  you $10 on the annual membership fee.

Hope this helps.

Chuck Williams

Http:// is the video on healthy aging.

PS we have a special promo through the end of March. If you refer two new customers, you earn $150. Pretty much pays for your first month's order.