Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Three Most Important Things! Two Best Apps EVER for building your business... IsaLife and Penny Apps

Here is a recording of the training with John Stack:

 1. For all Isagenix Customers we have the incredible FREE IsaLife App.  

Visit to learn more by watching the tutorial videos.

NOTE: especially watch the "Benefits of the IsaLife App"

2. Within the IsaLife App register for the IsaBody Challenge.  Every customer deserves the $200 in FREE products available and the support and community within the challenge are unmatched.

3. For Business Builders install the Penny App but first watch the "Penny App 101 Training".  Go to your Isagenix Backoffice and put your mouse over "Resources".  Then click on "Penny Beta App" and register to get trained. You do NOT have to wait for the next live training... Click on "Sign Up Now" and then when selecting a session to join, click on "Watch a replay of a previous session".  

Watch, learn and get ready to grow your business!

NOTE: I highly, highly recommend the Pro version especially if you have a decent LinkedIn community. (IF you don't ask one of our leaders and we can help you grow it fast!)