Thursday, May 2, 2019

Important email update

1. Cyndy Bartlett shares her journey with us today... don't miss this!

2. Super Zoom meeting tonight!
From Audrye...
“Hey team! For the past couple months, the idea of merging the wisdom and understanding from Gen X and the youthful energy and vision from Gen Y excites me because I believe that together we can do GREATER things!
Join Top income earner Herb Cepeda and I next Thursday, May 2 for a zoom Q & A!
If you are a millennial put it in your calendar because Herbie is going to be bringing our generation the wisdom and perspective from his seasoned experience in this industry.
If you are Gen X put it in your calendar as well because we will be bringing your generation insight, energy, and understanding from a millennial standpoint.
I love our generations because of the different perspectives and I believe together we can achieve MORE!”
See you ​Tonight​!

​3. Weekly Training Zoom​I will be sharing how to use the "Leaders in Action" formula to drive your business... ​IsaWorld Success Academy every Saturday @ noon Eastern/11 am Central/9 am Pacific

​NOTE: If you don't have your tickets to Celebration in Nashville yet, please contact me immediately and let's discuss.
Chuck Williams
President, Team of Hope