Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Real back and forth with prospects...

6/2 Jack, hope you are having a great weekend. I'm starting a 90-day challenge with 5-10 men that want to improve their health this summer. I'd like you to be one of them. Is the timing right for you to join us? You're looking at less than $7/day and that's with replacing 1-2 meals a day. Let me know if you are interested. God bless, Chuck Williams

6/11/19 I have added him to my top 100 list for the summer.
Sent him this via FB msg:
Jack, are you interested in re-looking at Isagenix with me? I have found a much more affordable way to get good healthy results. If you are interested, great. If not, no problem. I am just passionate about helping people achieve better health and I want to help you, if you want my help. ;) Chuck

6/11/19 his response: Thanks Chuck. I've never done very well with meal-replacement plans. I think missing out on the different flavors and textures of a typical meal that a drink just doesn't hold up for me.

6/11/19 my response: Thanks for the feedback. I thought it was more the price than the actual program. The basic plan I was going to recommend is a meal replacement shake in the AM and two pills in the AM and two pills in the PM. It's simple and affordable and you get to eat your two other meals for lunch and dinner. If you are interested, here is a very interesting video on the program using just the two products I mentioned. Taking good care of our health now can literally add 10-12 years of healthy life. Either way is fine, just know that I do care. 🙂 http://foreverpak.com

6/11/19 his response: Well yes. The cost is a tough one for me especially since I'm currently developing addl ministry partners to help offset the basics.

6/11/19 my response: Your health is important to the long term success of the ministry and to the well-being of your family. For under $7 a day, you could be making a big difference in your health. (I know from personal experience). That is replacing one meal a day (breakfast or lunch). Any way, completely up to you, but I am eager to help you when you are ready. God Bless, Chuck

Different Case Study:
Pastor Ted is starting a Home Church, here was my message to him:
Ted, thinking about Mickey and you today. Anything I can do to help you two jump start your Isagenix biz? Home church, home meeting for Isagenix... what a combo (different nights of course). You schedule a home meeting and you get a $50 product coupon and FIVE free enrollment codes too. Wanna schedule one or two? Chuck