Thursday, March 22, 2018

$200 IsaBody Challenge Coupons!

How in the world do you get $314.88 in discounts on an order that ends up costing you only $59.28 including shipping and tax?
(answer below)

Order Date: Mar-22-2018
Order Number: 52472942

Order Summary
SubTotal US$48.74
Shipping US$8.95
Tax US$1.59
Order Total US$59.28
Discounts Received US$314.88

$200 IsaBody Challenge Coupon!
Plus 25% preferred membership (that we all get on every order as preferred members)
Plus we ordered six of one item (IsaPro) for an additional 10% discount!

Did you know you can earn three $200 IsaBody Challenge coupons a year?

Did you know that every time you order six or more of one item you get an ADDITIONAL 10% off? (can be a mix of flavors, just has to be the same item)

We just got a whole lot of great nutrition for only $59.28...

If you aren't signed up for the IsaBody Challenge, I ask why? ;)