Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Getting Started Right training

Here are my best two "Getting Started Right" Trainings  

From 3/21/18 Shirley Piccarreto (Crystal Executive in 68 days): be sure to follow steps 1,2 and 3. (you share they share)

To get the IsaTools App go to

To order business cards go to
Use promo code cardsfour20 to get discount.

You registered at (Getting Started info is here once you can login!) our team blog with the call/presentation schedule.

Go to your Isagenix back office and verify your auto ship (we call it auto replenishment) is set up the way you want it.  You need 100BV or more ordered every 30 days to maintain active status in the compensation plan and to not lose any Business Volume.  We recommend setting up auto replenishment for every 28 days.

While in your back office, 

  1. Make sure you have clicked on the big purple box to become an Associate.
  2. Order "International Sponsorship" under "Orders" so you get credit for all the business volume that may come on your team outside of your primary countries.
  3. Click on "Resources" while in your Isagenix back office and go to "Manage my Website" and click on "suggested" home page for your website.  Click HERE to learn more about setting up your Isagenix Replicated website.
  4. Make sure you Manage Your Monthly Autoship in your back office (recommend every 28 days)