Monday, March 5, 2018

My journey to Crystal Executive Reset...


Heavy sigh... I would have liked to keep this goal between my wife and I but I allow you to stretch me... LOL

My goal is to go Crystal Exec again by March 22rd. (18 days)
Did it in 19 days the first time and I want to beat that.

March 22nd happens to be my wife's birthday too.

That's what I am committed to doing... we'll know pretty quickly if I am successful or not. :)

I want to get it done fast enough so that I can bring all my new consultants along with me.

*I plan to do it differently this time... First time, I was just focused on ME achieving Executive ASAP while positioning people on my team.

This time I am focused on positioning 10 of my friends to achieve Executive with me leading and helping them do it. :)

It is hard to hit "SEND" but here goes... :) LOL

Chuck Williams