Sunday, March 18, 2018

Eric Worre Legendary Leadership notes from Diane Williams

Success leaves clues
Three pillars
1 mindset
2 skill
3 strategy 

Blame virus ...Take responsibility. 

3 core components
Compensation plan

Let go of your upline

Change the way you think about...
Support - entrepreneurs create it! 
Failure - radical fear of being judged (learn to fail forward) 

I win or I learn... I never lose

Cleaning houses.        Isagenix
secondary.          Vs.   Primary
Get my subconscious mind to work for me - it will serve whatever is primary and destroy what is secondary. 
Procrastination is the killer of success. 
put in to practice all the time... a healthy obsession

$250,000 next 12 months,  doubled!!  $500,000!!!
What would need to happen to make this number a reality? Talk to more people. Don't be afraid to fail. 
My will to learn will lead me to success. 

EGO IS THE ENEMY  ~Ryan Holiday

Start comparing me with me
Get away from the disease of `me`. It will not get me to a level of success.
Life is about contribution, legacy, purpose of another human being.  Pour myself into others. 
The secret to living is giving. Give in order to win. 
- make a decision (make this happen) 

How to tell your story...
4 elements
- background (what I did before network marketing) 
- what I did NOT like about it -- by far, the most important part
- I found a solution
- how I feel about the future now

Can I just tell you my story? 
Tell my story 100 times in the next month to 100 different people. 

Diane 3/18/18
If I don't, I agree to do something painful. 

1. Finding prospects (it's a skill) learn how to find them
  Make a list of people I know- write it down
  Think of people they know
  Network on purpose - don't hide (hi my name is...)
GOAL is 2 a day to my list - What can I do forTHEM? (ALL THE TIME) 
BOOK: How to Swim with the Sharks w/o Being Eaten
Give w/o keeping score. 
2. Inviting people to take a look
  Ultimate goal - education and understanding (not about GETTINGsomeone)
  Inviting to 1 of 2 things - any sort of event OR a tool (video, try product,
  At presentation, tell my story, then do the thing (try the product, 3 way 
  call,... whatever your team is doing) 
  Entry point doesn't matter.  Connect w product and build relationship. Or
  bring into business and educate on the product. 
Step one: talk to 50 to 60 in person ... I'd like to get together with you. When can we meet?  
  It's just a decision. 
3. Presenting - tell my story; do the thing (I need to say the words) 
  Business presentation
  How to get started
How many high level presenters are on our team? Develop presenter school. 
4. Follow up
  Do what I said I was going to do. Schedule the next meeting.  
  4 to 6  exposures for a person to make a decision to join me. 
  Be kind and see if there's a fit
I like to chew. No time Talk to spouse 
No like flavor
Don't do shakes
Don't know anyone
Already eat healthy
Don't want to coach
Don't want to exercise
Tried before
Want to get results first
Competitor product
Not on social media 
I like my food
Already have a job
   Limiting belief about themselves 
   Limiting belief about network marketing 
Whatever reason you think you can't is the reason you have to. (My mindset) 
Know the gift I have!!!
     Listen then ask questions to get clarity. 
     Relate to them. Feel, felt, found
     Tell them story 
     Ask them a question; If I, would you? 
     If I could show you (how to buy your time back, would you take a look?)
5. Closing - help them set up an account
    - what did you like best about what you just saw? 
    - scale of 1 to 10, 1 zero interest, 10 ready to get started right now?
    - approx, On a part time basis, how much would you need to earn a month
       to make this worth your time? 
    - how many hours a week could you give me to make that? 
    - how many months would you be willing to work?
*If i could show you how to earn $___/month income, working __ hours a week over the next ___ months, would you be willing to get started? (blanks are directly from their own answers to the questions above as long as they are realistic)
6. Getting a New Person Started.  It's all about radical simplicity!  If everyone on my team doesn't know the steps we all do, it's not simple enough.  My job is to enforce simplicity on my team!  Keep it Simple! and to get our new people started and plugged in.
7. Promoting Events.  The highest paying skill in my profession is promoting events.
Rough formula: $1,000/yr income per person that I have attend a major team or corp event.
NOTE: Short cut to a six figure income is get 100 people to major events.  Seven figure income => get 1,000 people to the major event.  Break it down to 100 getting 10 each.

Success loves speed
90 days can change your life
Create my own 90 day plan
Anything I can do faster or slower, do faster
Hold myself accountable.  Set a high standard for myself.