Sunday, October 21, 2018

Four Income Producing Activities an Top 10 Hits from Celebration 2018

Four Income Producing Activities:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Follow up
  3. Enrolling
  4. Rank Advancing
Tip: Video Memo feature to send three thirty second encouragement messages to three people on your team each day. Tell them what you appreciate about them.  Breathe live, hope in to your team.

Top 10 Hits:
  1. Create community and a sense of belonging. Make people feel like they belong.
  2. Celebrate business success.  Celebrate every little thing along the way and do it publicly.
  3. Utilize money objections to create consultants.  Write the first 5-10 posts for your new Associate to help them find their first two customers. Be authentic for that person... use the Say, Share, Do scripts to get them started.
  4. Be a product of the product. Take my products everywhere I go.
  5. Own Network Marketing (know the difference between Network Marketing and MLM) and Isagenix. "Why I'll never do Multilevel Marketing Again!"... use IsaMovie the "Isagenix Advantage" and "The Business of the Future".
  6. Become a professional friend maker.  FORM... listen to CeCe President's training "Past, Present, Future" from 10/3/18 Connecting Call on Daily Calls.
  7. Create your own events and collaborate. Webinar and Tasting Party (weekly).  Cover goals & dreams, deep dive.  Give people an e-shot as a present for attending.
  8. Be consistent and show up and never ever give up.
  9. Leverage Promotions (Isagenix is the best in the world at providing promotions to drive your business)... create your own too.
  10. If it's FUN they will come!