Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Executive Leadership Bonus pool last six months (then there are other bonus pools)

Dr. Shirley,

Here is why the Cedepa's teach us to build the two teams the way they teach us to do it... your benchmark for personal cycles will be like "0" for your first 13 week average! (that's really to your advantage)  

Your Executive Bonus Pool is based on the growth of your personal cycles over your benchmark!

It is important to stay qualified at the Executive level every week to really max out the Executive bonus pool and it can be really big. :)

However, if I remember correctly, if you stay qualified two of the four weeks in a month, you still get half the bonus pool money you would have earned... 

Plus at Executive you get 10% match on all your personally enrolled's cycle bonuses.  

It pays to stay qualified as an active Executive.  Not easy at first until you get your ten solid consultants, but worth it...

Best way to do it is to have some spares on each side of your business. :)  

Note: Your first month in the bonus pool will be JUNE... which will pay you on 7/16. My first one was $3,900. :)

Week endingCyclesLeft Sales TeamRight Sales Team
Apr-29-18 Details11,920369
May-06-18 Details02,3800
May-13-18 Details01,284100
May-20-18 Details0634100
May-27-18 Details3857834

​Dr. Shirley,

By the way, if you can cycle 5 times this week, you earn a $250 bonus for that too. :) LOL

​First two times you hit five cycles you get $250 bonus each time.

First two times you hit ten cycles you get $500. (have to be an active Mgr)
First two times you hit 20 cycles you get $1,000. (have to be an active Director)

First two times you hit 40 cycles you get $1,500.​ (have to be an active Executive)

​Four first time consultants this week... = $400
Crystal Executive by 5/27/18... = $2,000 ($1,000 in a week and another $1,000 on 6/18)
Cycle five times is 5*$54=$270
Cycle five times = $250 bonus...
Plus any Double Product Introduction bonuses you picked up this week!

Could be a very good week for you! Let's do it.​

NOTE: In your Isagenix back office go to "Contests and Promotions" and click on the box that says "Executive Leadership Pool" for the specific details and qualifications.  

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