Tuesday, May 29, 2018

One Sweet Summer Promotion

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☀️ If you’re registered for Global Celebration in Nashville...it’s even more exciting!!!!! Enroll 10 new customers joining with 150bv or more between now and July 1 and win:
🎉Exclusive meet and greet with the Coover’s at Celebration (photo too)
🎉A FREE 4 night stay in a hotel in downtown Nashville
🎉VIP shopping trip at the World is Isagenix store, including a $100 product AND $100 gear coupon!
🎉Lastly if you’re a top 5 enroller in the company, you will win a box suite during general session at Celebration for up to 14 people! (No scrambling for seats 🙌🏻)
**** You must have purchased or get assigned a Celebration ticket by July 1 to win these prizes ****
That’s a FREE trip to Nashville plus $200 shopping...the $250 bonus can go toward your flight! ✈️✈️✈️
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