Monday, May 21, 2018

Text script to a close friend looking for a recommendation internationally

Here is the exact text conversation that I referred to on the Leadership Training:

Chris, do you know any Koreans? Chuck Williams

"Not that I can think of, but a friend works for ABC Ministries and focuses on bridging the gaps between internationals that live here now, so she might have some connections."

Will you check for me?

"Sure, can I give her a sentence or two on what you're looking for?"

My friend is expanding his global health and wellness business in to Korea later this year and is seeking recommendations. Looking for potential customers that are interested in better health and/or business associates that will help share the products with others in Korea.  Thanks, Chuck

"She said she does know a couple. What's the best email for you and I will do an email introduction. Thanks!"

Here is the recording to the Leadership Training call where I referenced this text...