Sunday, June 14, 2020

Leading with the Business/Financial Opportunity:

Seven Step System of Duplication:
Leading with the Business/Financial Opportunity:

1. Develop Your List
Click on the Link Below:

2. Contacting & Inviting including Scripts 
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3. Invite interested prospects to watch:
Isagenix Business Presentation by Chuck Williams (28 minutes)

The Power of 2 and 100BV is amazing. There really is a way to have better health and residual income too.

OR invite to a LIVE presentation Mon-Thurs SEE Presentation schedule Below the Seven Steps @

4. Introduce to Success Coach (3-Way Zoom preferably, but even connect your prospect to your success coach via a text or FB messenger thread)
3-Way Call Outline below:

Example of a text or FB msg introducing your success coach:

Diane, excellent thanks for wanting to take a look. Listen, we have a great system, I would like to introduce you to my business partner and great long-time friend Chuck, he'll get you some information so you can learn more. Jim

5. Set up Preferred Customer Account.  We recommend starting all new customers with the "Everyday Shake" Pak to start.

Typically the new Customer will order the "Everyday Shake" Pak simply on your recommendation.  

Video on How to Setup and Use the Recommended Cart:

If the prospect wants more information about the Everyday Shake pak, share this video with them. 

6. Become an Associate and Getting Started Right Training

The Getting Started Right training will include the introduction of additional products that might help the new customer achieve specific results and much, much more.

7. Repeat to Executive (The Benefits There are Unbelievable!)